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Please let me begin by fully admitting that I am not an expert on the M7 Bayonet and while I may have owned half a dozen or more M7 Bayonets over the years I have never really attempted to understand or capture the history of the M7 Bayonet. I have, however worked to capture the history of the M9 Bayonet and that project was well received and the website is becomming an active community of people interested in these knives.

In a period of time where people are grabbing up web domains for commercial purposes I have decided to secure this domain while it was still available. I am committed to keeping this website as non-comercial as possible but busineses are welcome to post their goods and services in the classifieds section of the forums.

I am committed to keep this website up and running for at least one year. If we can not get participation and if I am not able to compile the history of the M7 Bayonet and it's variations I will simply cancel my registration of the domain. You will also notice that this domain is owned by my Corp, "Quarterbore-inc". This was done for liability and accounting reasons and not that I am planning to turn this into a commercial website!

If you are interested in helping with the project, please join the forums and let's get started!


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